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Customer Testimonials

These customer testimonials have been proudly received by the Rapisarda family who have been serving the New York City boroughs with the highest quality ambulance service for many years.

With staff like yours, you should indeed be proud! I have found it necessary to use your ambulance service this month and want to express my appreciation for the excellent and caring services I received from your drivers and EMT’s. They were just wonderful today!! They were so careful and considerate of me. Thank you again to all your fine personnel.

I am writing to you to express my appreciation for the way your ambulance employees treated my mother on her return trip from the hospital. The ambulance crew was extraordinarily polite, caring and efficient in moving my mother. They made sure she was warm, comfortable and protected and that she was moved via the most comfortable route. Again, thank you to you and your staff for your help.

This is a belated but heartfelt thank you to your EMT’s who transported my father from his home to the hospital. My father was in the best of hands thanks to the two fine professional and gentlemanly people you employ. Their kindness was the best medicine for me and my family. I extend my best wishes with a prayer for you to continue your important good works.

Your staff should be recognized for the outstanding performance of their difficult jobs. The paramedics who transported my elderly mother were exceptionally attentive to her needs. They constantly reassured her thereby reducing her fear of going to the hospital.

Your EMT and paramedic were incredibly kind and efficient in the manner in which they handled my dad. It is probably due to their quick and efficient suctioning of my father’s lungs that protected him from further decline and lung distress. I want to commend these EMTs for their caring, dedication and professionalism towards my dad and our family. These men were incredible!!

This is to thank you sincerely for your prompt response to my request for an ambulance when our sister fell. I can’t say enough in praise of the gentlemen on the ambulance. They were so professional, so kind and compassionate. In my books, they deserve a perfect “10” for their performance! Thank you again. Every time I’ve ever called, you’ve come to our rescue promptly, and it has meant so much. God bless you all.

I would like to say it is a comfort to know that a neighborhood ambulance service employs such a high caliber of staff. This letter is to commend your employees. I was in a state of heart distress. These two gentlemen were really the most courteous and very caring. They put me at ease and were quite diligent and professional.

It is with great pleasure that I write you to tell you, your staff and customers about your exceptional service. From your dispatch to your drivers right up to your billing department all have given our clients excellent service. We thank you and appreciate you as you strive for excellence. It shows!

Your paramedics were not only professional, they were downright nice! I was transferred to the hospital by your ambulance service. The two young men made me feel safe and very comfortable both physically and mentally because of their caring, friendly manner. It’s a good feeling to know we have people like this doing such important and necessary good work.

I wish to commend the staff that took my husband home from the emergency room. The ambulance crew was very gentle and concerned when transferring him. Your EMT sat with us and followed my husband’s many requests regarding his comfort. Especially for me, it was very reassuring to have such a caring professional with us.

Your EMT’s were gentle, professional men doing their job in a way that should make their profession and your ambulance company very proud! This is an unsolicited compliment to your company and more specifically the two members of your team that helped us. I can’t tell you how much we appreciated their care and efficiency. They picked up my mother-in-law at the nursing home and brought her to the hospital. In a world filled with criticisms, please accept this compliment.

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